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  3. Looks like a long and slow process to get the site back to where it was.
  4. Are we reloading an old version of the forum or do we need to start over?
  5. Lets' get some hot topics going!
  6. El Jefe. Do you have an old back up from few months ago that you can use to rebuild the site? Sucks hackers got to it. Fuck those bastards. Cyber awareness for everybody. Don't use the same password you used for chicabow before hackers kidnapped it.
  7. aw man I'll start up the thread again to match chicks across various agencies
  8. Sounds Good. What actually happened ?
  9. Just a quick thread for us to start debating this hack/situation, while I rebuild the site. Chicabow will always prevail, even if taking some knocks and some bruises. El Jefe
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